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Jul 25, 2017

Julia Farley, Curator of British and European Iron Age Collections, once again joins Iszi Lawrence to examine the early years of the Roman conquest. Iszi puts your questions to Julia as they examine life in Roman Britain – from female warriors to druids. Highlighting fascinating facts, Julia and Iszi reveal the people behind the objects.

The British Museum Membercast is a monthly podcast made available to ‘all studious and curious persons’. Comedian, podcaster and super-fan Iszi Lawrence (The Z List Dead List) presents snippets from exclusive Members’ lectures at the Museum, artfully woven together with interviews and her own musings.

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Jul 6, 2017

We invited Iszi Lawrence, comedian and Membercast presenter, to join our guests at a Young Friends’ sleepover and record her experience of spending a night at the Museum.

In this one-off special of Membercast, follow Iszi as she takes part in an evening of activities themed around the artist Hokusai and Japanese culture. At midnight when the lights go out, Iszi and the guests bed down in the Egyptian sculpture gallery to sleep beneath the colossal statues until morning!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like in the museum after everyone has left (well, almost everyone) and we’ve put the mummies to bed, this Membercast episode will give you a taste! Although Iszi is a proper grown-up with a wealth of life-experiences, she was excited and nervous about this adventure–take a listen to hear how she fares spending a night at the Museum!

Sleepovers at the British Museum are available to Young Friends, a programme for children aged 8 – 15 years of age. The next sleepover, themed around the artist Hokusai, takes place on 22 and 23 July 2017. Find out more about Young Friends and read our sleepover FAQS. Sleepovers are subject to availability and a ticket fee.

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